Our Donors

Thankful for Our Donors

We extend our sincere appreciation to all donors and acknowledge the following individuals, foundations and corporations for their generous gifts made between October 1, 2020, and August 31, 2021 in support of the Merola Opera Program.


Chairman's Circle
$100,000 & above

Frances K. and Charles D. Field Foundation
Jack H. Lund Charitable Fund


Mr. Milton Mosk and Mr. Thomas Foutch


$50,000 - $99,999

Leslys Vedder, in memory of James Forrest Vedder


$25,000 - $49,999

The Yvonne and Edgar Baker Fund
The Bernard Osher Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Donna Blacker
Mrs. Annina R. Demmon
John L. Garfinkle
Franklin and Catherine Johnson
Diane B. Wilsey


President's Circle

$15,000 - $24,999

Sallie Arens, in memory of Cameron Waterman III
Jennifer and Chris Brahm
Mr. David Hugle and Mr. Haggai Niv
Drs. Richard and Pamela Rigg
Ms. Amy Roth and Mr. Robert Epstein

Diamond Circle

$10,000 - $14,999

The Henry W. and Nettie Robinson Foundation
Sack Family Fund


Barbara Bruser and Richard Clark
Ms. Annette Campbell-White and Dr. Ruediger Naumann-Etienne
George and Susan Crow
Peter and Jayne Davis
Stephen Duscha and Wanda Lee Graves
Mary and Tom Foote
Joseph H. Harris Jr. in memory of Joseph H. Harris and Margaret A. Harris
Mr. Michael H. Kalkstein and Ms. Susan English
Mr. John Lee
Bernice Lindstrom
Scott and Susan Lord
Ellen and Paul McKaskle
Bob and Terri Ryan
Bruce and Fran Walker
Susan York
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lee Zeigler


Platinum Circle

$5,000 - $9,999

Five Arts Foundation


Norby Anderson
Darla and Richard Bastoni
James Scott Bays
Alan and Sally Brudos
Maureen Clarke
Carlyn Clause and Alexander L. Brainerd
Janet Cluff
The Hon. Marie Bertillion Collins and Mr. Leonard Collins
Drs. John and Lois Crowe
Tim Dattels and Kristine Johnson
William and Edie Dwan
Margareta and Staffan Encrantz
Miss Ursula Grunfeld
Louise Gund
James Heagy, in memory of Janey Heagy
Mary and Craig Henderson
Drs. Joan B. and James Kelly
Mr. Lawrence A. Kern
Karen J. Kubin
Eve and Niall Lynch
Midge and Shireen Mansouri
James R. Meehan
James A. Noe III
Mr. Paul D. Nordine
Mr. Glenn H. Reid
Mrs. Barbara J. Ross
Jack and Betty Schafer
Dr. David D. Stein and Dr. Phyllis A. Kempner
Barbara Moller Ward
Mrs. Carol A. Weitz
Mr. Patrick Wilken and Mr. David Dickson
Mrs. John A. Zderic
Stephen and Connie Zilles

Gold Circle
$2,500 - $4,999

San Jose Opera Guild
William Karl Schwarze Trust


Mr. Clyde Allen
Ms. Langley Brandt
Helen B. Breck
Karen Broido
Mr. Michael Colbruno
Mr. Hugh J. Coughlin
Dr. James Cross and Mr. Charles Antonen
Michael Darnaud and Jodi Klein
Peggy and Reid Dennis
Ms. Jeanne Dorward
Mr. Robert A. Ellis
Beatrice and Paul Gomory
Michael A. Harrison and Susan Graham Harrison
Mr. Robert Jacoby and Ms. Jennifer Baik
Mr. Peter Kazaras
Dr. and Mrs. John Lavorgna
Ms. Myra K. Levenson
Ms. Sylvia R. Lindsey
Jean and Lindsay MacDermid
Betty Maddux
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Mardesich
Myron Marx and Cora Yang
Mr. Donald L. McGee
David Miller
Mr. Robert B. Mison
D. G. Mitchell
Cathy and Howard Moreland
David and Marilyn Nasatir
Mr. and Mrs. David Rinaldo
Mr. Paul Sack
Miss Dorothy Schimke
Mr. Steven Shladover
Ms. Jean Shuler
Barbara Sonnenblick
Roselyne Chroman Swig
Dr. Eliana Thacher and Mr. Hugh Thacher
Ruth Uchimura
Ms. Faye Wilson
Diana C. Yee
Yermack Family Fund
Mr. Dennis Zhang

Silver Circle
$1,000 - $2,499

Joyce and William Brantman Foundation
Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority - San Francisco Alumnae Chapter
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
Opera Standees Association
San Francisco Opera Guild East Bay Chapter
San Francisco Opera Guild Peninsula Chapter
San Francisco Opera Guild Marin Chapter


Mr. and Mrs. Joel Bean
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bialek
Adam Arthur Bier and Rachel Bier Lem
Maurice and Mary Sue Bizzarri
Dr. Phyllis B. Blair
Ms. Lucia Bogatay
Ms. Brooke Bourland
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin C. Britton
Mr. Brent Butler and Mr. Kenji Matsuoka
Frances Campra
Mr. Martin S. Checov and Mr. Timothy J. Bause
Raymond and Minnie Chinn
Dr. Michael Condie
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Crain
Valerie Crane Dorfman
Ms. Ashley Crawford
Mrs. Antonia Cross
Diedra and Robert Crow
Arianne Dar
Dr. Philip and Mrs. Elayne Dauber
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dean
Roberta and Mark Emerson
Mr. Peter Felleman
Ms. Cheryl Fippen
Barbara B. Friede
Jeffrey F. Gamboni
Ms. Pamela George
Ms. Theresa Hallinan
Mr. and Mrs. David Hartley
Mr. Fred Hartwick
Dr. John L. Herbert
Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Hetzel
Patrick Hitchcock
Greer and Thayer Hopkins
Barbara and Zachary Horowitz
Wilma Horwitz
Mr. Cliff Jarrard
Mr. C. Bradford Jeffries
Juliana Jensen and Charles L. Coleman III
Ms. Andrea G. Julian
Mrs. Jeannie Kaufman
Jean Kellogg and Henry Tang
Mr. Sven Kjaesgaard
Joan Shelbourne Kwansa
Kathe and Ben Lange
Miss Renee O. Leap
Mr. Roy Levin and Ms. Jan Thomson
Mark Lewis
Mrs. Nancy Donnell Lilly
Mr. William Lokke
Deborah Marion, Tax CPA, EA
Ms. Maura Markus
John and Tessa Melvin
Mary Suzanne Missimer
Victoria Nakamura
Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Nute
Maria Pitcairn
Ms. Susan K. Prather
Ms. Merrill Randol
Ms. Jo-Ann Rose
Jeannie Sack and Jordan Sachs
Gary and Dana Shapiro
David L. and Barbara G. Sloss
Ms. Blanche Germain Streeter
Garret Swart and Indiana Strombom
Dr. and Mrs. W. Conrad Sweeting
Ms. Kimberly Twesme
Moya and Alyosha Verzhbinsky
Mrs. Nelson Wild
Mr. Christopher E. Wiseman and Mr. Eric W. Sleigh
Ms. Shirley Woo and Mr. David Rosenfeld
Ms. Heather A. Young


Bronze Circle
$600 - $999

Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson
Nina K. Auerbach, MD
Robert H. Beadle
Miss Carol Benz
Davidson Bidwell-Waite and Edwin A. Waite
Jacqueline Carson
Mr. Robert Cook and Ms. Bianca Haendler
Keith Doerge
Mrs. Linda Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Foster
Elaine Gerstler and Booker Holton
Elsie M. Kelly
Ms. Eiko Kikawada
Ms. Diana Kissil and Mr. John Cullison
Dr. Jack Leibman
Nafiseh and Karl Lindberg
Ms. Eugenia Loken
Ms. Marian Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Michener
Erie Mills and Thomas Rescigno
Brian Olson
Dr. and Mrs. Hans Orup
Carlos Penikis
Ms. Nancy Petrisko
Ms. Danielle Rebischung
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Renne
Ms. Marianne Buttner Robison
Dr. Andrew Rombakis
Ms. Theresa A. Stuart
Mr. Kimberly M. Webb and Mr. Richard R. Rossi
Ms. Ann L. Williamson


$300 - $599

Dr. Taji Abraham and Mr. Bijou Abraham
Norman Abramson and David Beery Charitable Fund of Horizons Foundation
Alan Almquist
Cantor Roslyn Barak
Vivien and John Barkidjija
Mr. David N. Barnard
Ms. Linda Barrett
Mrs. Marcia Benjamin
Dr. Roy C. Bergstrom
Mr. and Mrs. David Berluti
Mr. Tapan Bhat
Dr. Dwight Bissell
Maria Blair
Joanne R. Bourland
Mr. Bruce Bowen and Ms. Junona Jonas
Mr. Richard Brashear and Ms. Harriet Ivey
Karen Burtness Prak and Jan Willem Prak
Mr. C. Paul Christianson
Mr. Terence Chu
Mr. Martin Cohn
Ms. Carol Copperud
Professor Sandra Ferrari Disner
Ms. Pamela D. Ferris
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gilmartin
Mr. Jonathan Gohstand
Dave Gomberg and Diana Lum
Dr. Kathleen Grant and Dr. Thomas Jackson
Anne P. Gray
Mr. Barry Graynor
Karen Griggi
Dr. Erich Gruen and Ms. Ann Hasse
Ms. Barbara E. Harms
Hunter P. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Houck
H. Nona Hungate
Mr. Frank Kelly
Victoria Kirby
Marcia Lazer
Janice Levy
Norman and Helen Ann Licht
Alan Lofaso
Kathie and Dexter Lowry
Patrick McCabe
Michael McGinley
Nina McLemore
Alice Ames Morison and Dr. Oakley Hewitt
Gwen and James Neary
Ms. Joan O'Leary
Ms. Marie Orsi
Dr. Judy O'Young and Mr. Gregg Hauser
Anna and Frank Pope
Hilary Power
Mr. and Mrs. William Rabe
Alan and Nancy Raznick
Mr. and Mrs. John Renard
Mr. Victor Rowley and Dr. Stanley K. Yarnell
Kenneth Ruta
Michael and Mary Ann St. Peter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Schroeder
Mr. Sean SeLegue and Mr. Richard A. Zuniga
Carolyn Shaw
Margaret V. Sheehan
Diana and Richard Shore
Natalie O. Shuttleworth
Prof. Alan Smith and Dr. Helen Lew
Ms. Gwen Sobolewski
Ms. Sue Sommer
Ms. Barbara Traisman
Isabel Valdes
Mary and Terry Vogt
Dr. Bradford Wade and Dr. Linda Riebel
Daphne and Stuart Wells
Jennifer Wolch and Michael Dear
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Zlatchin
Ms. Anne Zucchi


$100 - $299

Golden Gate Collectors, in memory of Robert C. Greene
Il Cenacolo Italian Cultural Club
Mr. Robert Abra
Barbara and Kenneth Adams
Ms. Joan Adler
Ms. Joan M. Allen
Susan Amdur
Michelle Andre and Sean Creane
Donald Andreini and Steven Crabiel
Roger and Mary Ashley
Bernard Baltaxe
Marc Barberis and Catherine Mikami
Mr. and Mrs. Kent T. Baum
Paul and Linda Baumann
Ms. Karen Baumer
Ms. Marcia Beales
Martha Nell Beatty
Mr. Stephen Bertram
Ms. Jodie Beyer
Mr. Steven Binder and Ms. Barbara Anscher
Ms. Linda Blondis
Victor P. Bonfilio, JD, PhD.
Karen Breslin
Lucinda Brisbane
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Brody
Mrs. Kathleen M. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. James Buckley Jr.
Valarie V. V. Burgess and John G. Burgess
Ms. Lisa Burkett
Dr. James Marvin Campbell
Dr. Richard Caplin
Mary Alice Carswell
Ms. Li-Chan Chen
Mr. William Chinowsky
Ina Chun and Jefferson Rice
Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Ciabattoni
Mrs. Joseph R. Clyne
Rosalind Colver
Mrs. Louise Costigan-Kerns
Mrs. Beverly Coughlin
Mrs. James E. Court
Dr. Kip Cranna and Mr. Bruce Lamont
Drs. Marc and Quita Cruciger
Craig Cruz
Mr. Gerald F. Currier and Mr. Cleveland M. Smith
Mr. Paul Dana
Loni Dantzler
Dr. Lisa Danzig
Mr. Arthur Davidson
Ms. Francine S. Davis
Jean-Marie Davis
Judy Day
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. E. Dennis
Carol Dickson
Ms. Irene Dietz
Rose Mary Dougherty
F. Paul Driscoll
Mr. Ed Eng
Shinji Eshima
John P. and Cecelia G. Eurich
Ms. Ileana Facchini and Mr. Mitchell Shapiro
Ms. Wendy Fantl
Ms. Maja N. Fara
Pat and Richard Farnsworth
Roland Feller Violin Makers
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Fenwick
Maria Ferrer
Mrs. John H. Finger
Ms. Susan Fish
Jon W. and Ellen V. Florey
Chandra Friese
Ms. Bernice Frucht
Dr. Frederick Gabali
Margarita Gandia
David Garrison
Paula Gerhardt
Ms. Carol Ghinger
David Gockley
Steven Goldberg and Sandee Blechman
Zachary Gordin
Michael Gordon and Sharon Chen
Geoffrey and Marcia Green
Gerald Greenbach
Ms. Crystal Gromer and Mr. Geoffrey Smith
Ms. Robin Guarino
Ms. Sara Haber
Mrs. Bronwyn H. Hall
Jill Hall
Mr. William Hamilton
Mr. Curt Hancock
Eleanor Hansen
Ms. Julie Harris
Kay Henschel
Mr. Daniel Hersh
Mr. Thomas Hibdon
Joyce Hicks
Ms. Peggy Hill
Joe and Jacqui Himes
Dr. Richard Horevitz
Mrs. Henry Palmer Hotz
Gladys Kurzuk Howard
Dr. Hing On Hsu
Kathy Huber
Ronald T. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Hume
Bridget and Dennis Hupp
Mr. Luther Jackson and Ms. Cecilia Deck
Thomas Jones
Paolo Juvara
Ms. Judith Kahn
Ms. Ingrid Kallman
Fred Karren
James and Celia Kelly
Larry and Jeanne Kelly
Ms. Nelda Kilguss
Sally Lane Kirby
Eva Klein
Charity and Charles Kocher
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Kohs
Margaret Korte
Ms. JoAnn M. Kulesza
Judith A. Lamberti
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Graham Leaper
Mr. Richard Ledon
Ms. Marcia Leonhardt
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Levinson
Blythe Gaissert Levitt
Ms. Margaret Levitt
Liong-Bing Liem
Arend Lijphart and Gisela Meyers
Ms. Donna Lim
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lin
Ms. Shirley Long
Mr. Nathaniel Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence R. Lyons
Gretchen Mackler
Kerry MacLennan
Jim and Susan Malott
Mr. Allen Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Marineau
Dr. Nicole Mashburn
Andrew and Anne Maverick
Ms. Jo Ann McStravick
Edith Mendez
Mr. Steven L. Mendoza
Ms. Deborah K. Miller
Jane and Harry Mison
Patricia Mitchell
Rickie and Mary Monroe
Andrew Morgan
Ron Morrison
Anne L. Morton
Patricia Kristof Moy
Mrs. Pamela Murdock
Paul Nagelson
Ms. Sara Nealy
Mr. Howard R. Neckel
Dale and Suzanne Needles
Dr. Tony Nespole
Ms. Katherine Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Oliver
Marie Louise Otto
Ms. Nicole Paiement and Mr. Brian Staufenbiel
Rodney and Sarah Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie Post
John Price and Judy Gillette
Richard Reeder
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Reich
Nancy Reilly
Ms. Shirley Reith
Ms. Virginia Reyna
Ms. Judith L. Reynolds
Mr. Thomas C. Robinson
Ms. Isabella Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rosenberg
Gail I. Rubman
Ms. Kathleen Rydar
Ms. Cecile Scandone
Dr. Milton Schaefer and Mr. Scott Plakun
Mrs. Hanne Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. William Schuppel
Mr. Matthew Shilvock
Mr. Hiram Simon
Mrs. Harriet Simpson
Christine Staples
Nancy Stewart
Deborah Studwell
Paul and Gail Switzer
Stephenie Teichman
James Toland
Miss Carol Tomlinson
Thomas Tragardh and David Cortez
Elsa H. Tranter
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Turner
Mr. Cesar Ulloa and Mr. Gary Aliperti
Jessica Vapnek
Frederica von Stade
Ian and Julia Wall
Ms. Ching-Yu Wang
Ms. Rosalie V. Weaver
Stanley and Elaine S. Weiss
Mrs. Anita Weissberg
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Emely Weissman
Gail Whelan
Dr. Ronald Wing
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wittwer
Erling Wold
Ms. Susan Z. Wolfe
Betty Woo
Ms. Judith Workman
Ms. Suzanne Yamada


$25 - $99

Mr. Elie Abi-Jaoude
Bonnie Alford
Cesar Vidal Canon Alonso
Michael Anthonio
Timothy Bach
Lori Bade
Amii Barnard-Bahn and Michael Bahn
Mrs. Richard Beidleman
Mr. Edgar A. Benhard
Ms. Maureen Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bertillion
Mr. David Besley
Mark Beteag
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Boeckmann
Mr. Clint Borzoni
Deborah Brady
Veronica Breuer
Mr. and Mrs. Donal Brown
Virginia L. Brown
Ms. Gwendolyn Brusca
Ms. Delma Campbell
Lynn Campion
Guy A. Campisano Jr.
Betty Carmack
Miss Joyce K. H. Chow
Ms. Diane Daniels and Mr. Leonard Heil
Martin and Virginia Davis
William Dean
Keturah Doucet
Casey Molino Dunn
Susan Dunn
Merle Easton
Tiffany Edwards
Joann and Scott Emerzian
Mr. Matthew Epstein
Jessica Fauver
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Felder
Ms. Cristina Fernandez
Ms. Christel Fliss
Meredith Florian
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Frame
DeVaughn Frazier
Edmund French
Donald and Patricia Frischmann
Ms. Ruth Geos
Mr. John Gildersleeve
Mr. Simon Glinsky
Ms. Brendalynn Goodall
Mr. Greg Gorel and Mr. Dan Wong
Neal Goren
Ms. Tracy Grant and Ms. Mélanie Grant
Janet Grossman
Ms. Valerie Hamamoto
Mr. Larry Hanover
Peggy Heiman
Bethany Hill
Wendy Hill
Mr. Barry D. Hovis
Mrs. Nadine Hubbell
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Huff III
Nancy Hutcheon
Margaret Jones
Amy Anderson Kessler and Merle Kessler
Robert Kieval
Rich and Ursi Klier
Dina Kuntz
Timothy LaBorie
Joanne Lafler
Ms. Lynne Lambert
Ms. Anna Lamothe
Mr. Steven Langer
Thomas A. Larsen
Dr. William R. Leben
Ms. Alice Lehmann
Ms. Lamar Leland
Leslie Lingaas
Polly Loftin
Jordan Loyd
Ms. Susan Malone
Kristin Manning
Mr. William Martin
Ms. Denise E. Mauldin
Madeline McGaw
Ms. Elaine McKenna
Mrs. Charlotte McMinn
Nancy Meacham
Dave and Erika Meinhardt
Maryam Muduroglu
David Neal and Gailann Mackenzie
Ms. Jennifer Neuherz
Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen
Jan Opalach
Ms. Judith Ostapik
Susan Overman
Ms. Mitzi Palmer
Ms. Eithne Pardini
Carol Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Petermeier
Ms. Dagnija Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Pohl
Mary and Patric Powell
Ms. Frances Quittel
Jerry and Gloria Reichhoff, in memory of Lucy Carlund
Ms. Elizabeth Ridgeway
Daniel Riley
Katherine Riva
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Robins
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rodd
Miriam Rosenfeld
Mr. Kent Saunders and Mr. Michael Krupa
Margot Schevill
Karin Seeman
Ms. Marilyn Sefchovich
Mark Shattuck
Mr. Stephen Silberstein
Derek Sinutko
Miss Maureen Smith
Virginia Smith
Ms. Cherrill Spencer and Mr. Rick Leder
Anne Steckler
Mr. Ian E. Stockdale
Mr. Stephen Suzman
Phyllis Tallent
Aileen Tat
Jere Torkelsen
Maxine Trost
Mary Van Voorhees
Ms. Virginia Vida
Mr. Moez Virani
Mr. Albert J. Vizinho
Steve West
Steven White
Mrs. Audrone Willeke

Lifetime Honorary Members

In recognition of their invaluable contributions to the Merola Opera Program

Chris Bragg
Sheri Greenawald
Mark Morash


In-Kind Donors

Hafner Vineyard


Corporate Matching Gifts Donors

Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough LLC
Union Bank of California


Merola Legacy Society

Ms. Barbara Adams
Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson
Kathleen H. Barr
James Scott Bays
Robert H. Beadle
Maurice and Mary Sue Bizzarri
Donna Blacker
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bowen
Mr. Donald Buhman and Mr. Wray Humphrey
Russell P. Chappell
Donna Chazen
Agnes Chen Brown
Maureen Clarke
Carlyn Clause and Alexander L. Brainerd
Mr. Michael Colbruno
Mr. Jose María Condemi
George and Susan Crow
Mr. Gerald F. Currier and Mr. Cleveland M. Smith
Peter and Jayne Davis
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dean
Mr. Stephen Drewes
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dwelly
Dr. Ranveig N. Elvebakk and Mr. Thomas Farren
Roberta and Mark Emerson
Mr. Cesar L. De Joya, Jr.
Mary and Tom Foote
Mario Fracchia
Barbara B. Friede
Joseph and Antonia Friedman
Ms. Magda Gabali
John L. Garfinkle
Ms. Pamela George
Elaine Gerstler and Booker Holton
Mrs. Rolf Gille
Dave Gomberg and Diana Lum
Beatrice and Paul Gomory
Ms. Tracy Grant and Ms. Mélanie Grant
Miss Ursula Grunfeld
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Gurley
James Heagy
Mr. David Hugle and Mr. Haggai Niv
Ms. Marian Huntoon
Dagmar L. Jamison
Ms. Joanie Juster
Mrs. Jeannie Kaufman
Ms. Jean Kellogg and Mr. Henry Tang
Drs. Joan B. and James Kelly
Eiko Kikawada
Ms. Ludmila Kisseleva-Eggleton and Mr. Peter Eggleton
Ken Kolby
Ms. Barbara F. Kral
Barbara Graham Kreissler
Joan Shelbourne Kwansa
Ms. Olive Lawton
Mr. John Lee
Ms. Marcia Leonhardt
Bernice Lindstrom
Jean and Lindsay MacDermid
Betty Maddux
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Mardesich
Myron Marx and Cora Yang
Ms. Denise E. Mauldin
Chris McCrum
Bill Medigovich
Ms. Christine Miller
D. G. Mitchell
Cathy and Howard Moreland
Ms. Camille Morishige
Ms. Thelma Morris
Mr. Albert L. Mosher
Mr. Milton Mosk and Mr. Thomas Foutch
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. O'Hanlon
Brenda Osborne
Ms. Frances Quittel
Mr. Glenn H. Reid
Mr. Robert Robertson
Peter and Bettina Rosenbladt
Ms. Louise A. Russell
Kenneth Ruta
Bob and Terri Ryan
Jeannie Sack and Jordan Sachs
Debra R. Schoenberg
Ms. Marilyn G. Seiberling
Ms. Carolyn Shaw
Jean A. Sherlin
Natalie O. Shuttleworth
David L. and Barbara G. Sloss
Ms. Sue Sommer
Nancy and Robert Soper
Dr. David D. Stein and Dr. Phyllis A. Kempner
Ms. Blanche Germain Streeter
Dr. Sam Thal
Miss Carol Tomlinson
James S. and Gayle G. Tunnell
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Victor
Mr. Albert J. Vizinho
Doug Von Qualen
Ms. Gladys Wagman
Bruce and Fran Walker
Mrs. Barbara Wanvig
Mr. Kimberly M. Webb and Mr. Richard R. Rossi
Mr. Patrick Wilken and Mr. David Dickson
Ms. Ann L. Williamson
Ms. Heather Young
Mrs. John A. Zderic
Stephen and Connie Zilles



Jim Brown
Zheng Cao
Lucy Carlund
Alexander D. Cross
Robert F. Ewing
Robert C. Greene
Joseph H. Harris and Margaret A. Harris
Janey Heagy
Raymond Kelly
Vivienne E. Miller
Milton Mosk
James Murad
Ron Nunan
Henry W. Robinson and Nettie Robinson
Suzanne Turley
James Forrest Vedder
Cameron Waterman III


Jody Bourland
Jennifer and Chris Brahm
Barbara Bruser Clark
Michael Colbruno
Margaret Evans Dennis
David Hugle and Haggai Niv
Jean Kellogg
Jean and Lindsay MacDermid
Sunny Scott
Lillian Whipple


Merola Opera Program Endowment

Kurt Herbert Adler - Merola Endowment Fund
Amici di Merola Fund
The Anthony I. Balestrieri Endowment Fund
Richard J. Bartlett Memorial Fund
Jean E. Bennett, Jr. Fund
Blair Scholarship Fund
John S. Brooks Memorial Fund
Florence Bruce Fund
Bruser Family Fund
Carlton F. Bryan Fund
Betty Cable Fund
Zheng Cao Opera Fund
Cooper Endowment Fund
Darwin Memorial Fund
Reid and Peggy Dennis Endowment Fund
Grace A. Diem and Alice E. Siemons Endowment Fund
Oreste J. di Muro Endowment Fund
In Memory of Jean Donnell Fund
The Philip L. Eaton Endowment Fund
Querita Eybel Endowment Fund
Mr. and Mrs. A. Barlow Ferguson Endowment Fund
I. P. Patrick Gallagher Fund
Nicholas and Mary Ann Gannam Endowment Fund
L. Henry Garland Memorial Fund
Al Garren Fund
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Study Grant Support Fund
Donna Lee Grassman Memorial Fund
Gary Griffith Memorial Endowment Fund
Gropper Memorial Fund
Anneliese Gruenberg-Bremer Fund
Otto Guth Fund
Mark Haffner Apprentice Coach Fund
In Memory of James T. Heavey Fund
Elaine Henderson Endowment Fund
David S. Hugle and Haggai Niv Endowment Fund
The Jacobs Family Trust
In Memory of Peter G. Kavantjas Endowment Fund
Drs. Phyllis A. Kempner and David D. Stein Endowment Fund
Leona Gordon Lowin Memorial Fund
Lotfi Mansouri Apprentice Director Fund
Sandra McCabe Fund
Meltzer Family Memorial Fund
Merola Members Endowment Fund
The Vivienne E. Miller Scholarship Fund
Albert L. Mosher and John E. McCormick AIDS Memorial Fund
Vija Hovgard Nadai Endowment Fund
Verna Osborne Fund
The Bernard Osher Foundation Career Grant Endowment
Mary A. Powell Career Grant Fund
In Honor of Leontyne Price Endowment Fund
Rusty and Mike Rolland Fund
Charles Rolle, M.D. Endowment Fund
Marie Louise Rosenberg Memorial Endowment Fund
Gerald B. Rosenstein Fund
Mary Roy Fund
Schick Memorial Fund
James H. Schwabacher, Jr. Fund
The Shenson Family Fund
Richard Strauss Endowment Fund
Margery Tede Endowment Fund
Blanche Thebom Trust Fund
Dickson Titus III Fund
Alma Brooks Walker Memorial Fund
Frank W. and Matilda O. Weymouth Living Trust Fund
4 Star Square

For more information on how you can support Merola Artists and Alumni with a gift, contact:

Tracy Grant

Director of Institutional & Individual Giving


Amy Kessler

Patron Relations Manager






Merola operates in close artistic collaboration with San Francisco Opera but is an independent nonprofit organization. Governed by a separate Board of Directors, Merola is responsible for its own long-term financial stability and fundraising, and is grateful to the hundreds of loyal members, donors and foundations who support the Program.
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