Merola Legacy Society

Extend Your Legacy

All those who have remembered Merola in their estate planning are part of the Merola Legacy Society. Planned giving gifts to the Merola Legacy Society provide stable support that ensures Merola will be able to continue its mission of training and nurturing the finest young operatic talent year after year, in good times and bad.

Merola Opera Program is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, tax ID 94-6084831


Merola Legacy Society Donors

Mrs. Barbara Adams
Mrs. Judith Anderson
Mrs. John Anderton
Kathleen H. Barr
Robert H. Beadle
Mary Sue and Maurice Bizzarri
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bowen
In Memory of George (Troy) Browman and his Living Partner J. Gerald Gagnon
Mr. Donald Buhman and Mr. Wray Humphrey
Mr. Russell P. Chappell
Ms. Donna Chazen
Agnes Chen Brown
Maureen Clarke
Ms. Carlyn Clause and Mr. Alexander Brainerd
Mr. Michael Colbruno
Mr. Jose Maria Condemi
Mrs. Charles Cornman
Mr. Gerald F. Currier and Mr. Cleveland M. Smith
Peter and Jayne Davis
Mr. Stephen Drewees
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dwelly
Dr. Ranveig N. Elvebakk and Mr. Thomas Farren
Roberta and Mark Emerson
Mr. Robert F. Ewing and Mr. Cesar L. De Joya, Jr.
Mary and Tom Foote
Mario Fracchia
Mrs. William M. Friede
Joseph and Antonia Friedman
Ms. Magda Gabali
Mr. Louis B. Gagliardi
Pamela George
Mrs. Rolf Gille
Dave Gomberg and Diana Lum
Beatrice and Paul Gomory
Ms. Tracy Grant
Miss Ursula Grunfeld
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Gurley
James Heagy in memory of Janey Heagy
Tom Houran and Bill Medigovich
Mr. David S. Hugle
Ms. Marian Huntoon
Ms. Dagmar L. Jamison
Ms. Joanie Juster
Mrs. Jeannie Kaufman
Jean Kellogg
Drs. Joan B. and James Kelly
Ms. Ludmila Kisseleva-Eggleton and Mr. Peter Eggleton
Mr. Ken Kolby
Mrs. Barbara F. Kral
Herbert and Barbara Graham Kreissler
Ms. Joan Shelbourne Kwansa
Ms. Oliver Lawton
Mr. John Lee
Ms. Marcia Leonhardt
Bernice Gucker Lindstrom
Jean and Lindsay MacDermid
Betty Maddux
Ms. Norrine L. Marchegiani-Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Mardesich
Myron Marx and Cora Yang
Ms. Denise E. Mauldin
Chris McCrum
Bill Medigovich
Ms. Christine Miller
D. G. Mitchell
Cathy and Howard Moreland
Ms. Thelma Morris
Mr. Albert L. Mosher
Mr. Milton Mosk and Mr. Thomas Foutch
Mr. Haggai Niv
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. O'Hanlon
Ms. Brenda Osborne
Ms. Verna Parino
Robert and Carol Parvin
Frances Quittel
Mr. Glenn H. Reid
Mr. Robert Robertson
Peter and Bettina Rosenbladt
Ms. Louise A. Russell
Kenneth Ruta
Bob and Terri Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. John Ryckman
Jeannie Sack
Debra R. Schoenberg
Ms. Marilyn G. Seiberling
Ms. Carolyn Shaw
Ms. Jean A. Sherlin
Natalie O. Shuttleworth
David L. and Barbara G. Sloss
Ms. Sue Sommer
Ms. Nancy Soper and Robert Soper
Dr. David D. Stein and Dr. Phyllis A. Kempner
Blanche Germain Streeter
Dr. Sam Thal
Miss Carol Tomlinson
James S. and Gayle G. Tunnell
Ms. Suzanne Turley
Shirley Wilson Victor
Mr. Albert J. Vizinho
Doug Von Qualen
Ms. Gladys Wagman
Bruce and Fran Walker
Mrs. Barbara Wanvig
Mr. Patrick Wilken and Mr. David Dickson
Ms. Ann L. Williamson
Mrs. John A. Zderic

For more information about the Merola Legacy Society and how to include Merola in your estate planning, contact:

Jean Kellogg

Executive Director
(415) 936-2321