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The Merola Opera Program offers a unique combination of training and performance opportunities for young professional singers, coaches, and stage directors. The summer includes fully staged operas with orchestra, a scenes concert, and the Merola Grand Finale Concert, which concludes the summer. These experiences in front of a live audience put into practice the depth and richness of the lessons learned over the program. Merola participants receive matchless advanced training in musical style and interpretation, role preparation, movement and acting, accompaniment and conducting, languages and diction, breath work, professional development.


Merola Opera Program 2020 National Auditions

The national auditions for the Merola Opera Program, under the artistic direction of the San Francisco Opera Center are held annually. 2020 auditions will be held in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City in the fall of 2019.
The Merola Opera Program is a young artist training program with a focus on performance and career development opportunities for young professional singers, coaches, and stage directors.
The Adler Fellowship Program is a residency offered to select singers and coaches who have completed the Merola Opera Program.
Merola Opera Program repertoire will include:
  • Le nozze di Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Postcard from Morocco by Dominick Argento
  • Schwabacher Summer Concert (staged scenes with orchestra)
    • - All voice types considered for this program
    • - Repertoire will be chosen to showcase these artists
  • Merola Grand Finale
    • - A concert with all artists performed with orchestra on the San Francisco Opera House stage
Every singer will be cast in an opera or the Schwabacher Summer Concert
The 2020 Merola Opera Program will take place at San Francisco Opera from June 8 – August 23 (coaches and stage directors start June 1). Singers, coaches and stage directors may apply.
  • AC = Apprentice Coach
  • AD = Apprentice Stage Director
Auditions in 2019 for the 2020 Program will be held as follows:
  • CHICAGO: 14-Oct, 15-Oct, 16-Oct, 17-Oct – Singers only (Application Deadline 13- Sep)
  • CHICAGO: 18-Oct – AC & AD only (Application Deadline 13-Sep)

  • SAN FRANCISCO: 21-Oct, 22-Oct & 28-Oct – Singers only (Application Deadline 23-Sep)
  • SAN FRANCISCO: 25-Oct – AC & AD only (Application Deadline 23-Sep)

  • NEW YORK CITY: Prelims and Finals are for Singers only (Application Deadline 5-Oct)
  • 31-Oct AC/AD only
  • 1-Nov AC/AD only
  • 2-Nov AC/AD only
  • 4-Nov Prelims
  • 5-Nov Prelims
  • 6-Nov Prelims
  • 7-Nov Finals
  • 8-Nov Prelims
  • 9-Nov Prelims
  • 10-Nov Finals
  • 13-Nov Prelims
  • 14-Nov Prelims
  • 15-Nov Finals

Sheri Greenawald, Artistic Director, San Francisco Opera Center
Mark Morash, Director of Musical Studies, San Francisco Opera Center


Applications are submitted through YAP Tracker, an online audition manager. You do not need to be a paying subscriber to YAP Tracker to apply. Please follow this link for a guest account, or by clicking the corresponding link located on the right side of the YAP Tracker registration page. Then, please review the appropriate YAP Tracker listing: Singer, Coach, Director. To apply as a director, use this link. To apply as a coach use this link. To apply as a singer use this link. You may also access the YAP Tracker online application process help section.
Questions about the YAP Tracker application process? Please email
Questions about the Merola Opera Program National Auditions? Please email or call (415) 936-2320.
INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS: If you require a letter of invitation in order to obtain a visitor visa to attend our national auditions, you must email Lauren Hewitt at prior to May 1st of the year you intend to apply for an audition.

For more information on Applying to the Merola Opera Program, contact: