Sheri Greenawald Endowment Fund


Help ensure Sheri's lasting impact

To honor the incomparable Sheri Greenawald, who recently retired after almost two decades as Merola's Artistic Director, the Sheri Greenawald Endowment Fund was created to build a permanent legacy that will provide support for Merola's distinguished faculty and support instruction by master teachers for Merola participants in perpetuity.

Merola Opera Program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax ID 94-6084831

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Sheri Greenawald Endowment Fund and Artists’ Support Fund Donors

Cantor Roslyn Barak
Darla and Richard Bastoni
Robert H. Beadle
Miss Carol Benz
Mr. and Mrs. David Berluti
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bialek
Maurice and Mary Sue Bizzarri
Nordin and Donna Blacker
Jennifer and Chris Brahm
Karen Broido
Alan R. and Sally J. Brudos
Barbara Bruser and Richard Clark
Ms. Lisa Burkett
Ms. Annette Campbell-White and Dr. Ruediger Naumann-Etienne
Carlyn Clause and Alexander L. Brainerd
The Hon. Marie Bertillion Collins and Mr. Leonard Collins
Mr. Hugh J. Coughlin
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Crain
Valerie Crane Dorfman
Dr. Kip Cranna and Mr. Bruce Lamott
Dr. James Cross and Mr. Charles Antonen in memory of Alexander D. Cross
George and Susan Crow
Drs. John and Lois Crowe
Peter and Jayne Davis
Judy Day
Peggy and Reid Dennis
Professor Sandra Ferrari Disner
Ms. Jeanne Dorward
F. Paul Driscoll
Mr. Robert A. Ellis
Shinji Eshima
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Fenwick
Ms. Susan Fish
Five Arts Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Foster
Blythe Gaissert Levitt
David Garrison
Beatrice and Paul Gomory
Anne P. Gray
Geoffrey and Marcia Green
Louise Gund
Jill Hall
Mr. Curt Hancock
Joseph H. Harris Jr. in memory of Joseph H. Harris and Margaret A. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. David Hartley
Mary and Craig Henderson
Dr. John L. Herbert
Ms. Peggy Hill
Greer and Thayer Hopkins
Dr. Richard Horevitz
Wilma Horwitz
Mr. David Hugle and Mr. Haggai Niv
Bridget and Dennis Hupp
Franklin and Catherine Johnson
Mr. Michael H. Kalkstein and Ms. Susan English
Mr. Peter Kazaras
Ms. Jean Kellogg and Mr. Henry Tang
Drs. Joan B. and James Kelly
Mr. Lawrence A. Kern
Amy Anderson Kessler and Merle Kessler
Ms. Eiko Kikawada
Karen J. Kubin
Joanne Lafler
Dr. and Mrs. John Lavorgna
Marcia Lazer
Ms. Myra K. Levenson
Nafiseh and Karl Lindberg
Ms. Sylvia R. Lindsey
Bernice Lindstrom
Mr. William Lokke
Ms. Maura Markus
Myron Marx and Cora Yang
Madeline McGaw
Mr. Donald L. McGee
Nina McLemore
Ms. Jo Ann McStravick
Erie Mills and Thomas Rescigno
Jane and Harry Mison
Mr. Robert B. Mison
Rickie and Mary Monroe
Mr. Mark Morash
Andrew Morgan
Mr. Milton Mosk and Mr. Thomas Foutch
Patricia Kristof Moy
Gwen and James Neary
James A. Noe III
Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen
Carlos Penikis
Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Pohl
Mr. Glenn H. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. John Renard
Drs. Richard and Pamela Rigg
Ms. Jo-Ann Rose
Ms. Amy Roth and Mr. Robert Epstein
Mr. Victor Rowley and Dr. Stanley K. Yarnell
Jeannie Sack and Jordan Sachs
San Francisco Opera Guild – East Bay Chapter
Ms. Cecile Scandone
Jack and Betty Schafer
Mr. Matthew Shilvock
Mr. Steven Shladover
Ms. Jean Shuler
Ms. Gwen Sobolewski
Dr. David D. Stein and Dr. Phyllis A. Kempner
Ms. Blanche Germain Streeter
Dr. and Mrs. W. Conrad Sweeting
Ms. Barbara Traisman
Ruth Uchimura
Mr. Cesar Ulloa and Mr. Gary Aliperti
Isabel Valdes
Moya and Alyosha Verzhbinsky
Bruce and Fran Walker
Barbara Moller Ward
Dr. Ronald and Emely Weissman
Mrs. Carol A. Weitz
Mrs. Nelson Wild
Mr. Patrick Wilken and Mr. David Dickson
Diane B. Wilsey
Jennifer Wolch and Michael Dear
Susan York
Mr. Dennis Zhang
Stephen and Connie Zilles

For more information about the Sheri Greenawald Endowment Fund, contact:

Jean Kellogg

Executive Director
(415) 936-2321