Merola Artists Emergency Fund

Supporting our artists during the
COVID-19 pandemic


(Merolini, please see below for the Artists Emergency Fund application form.)


Many of our Merola alumni have suffered significant financial losses due to canceled performance contracts and auditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, in this time of global crisis, we at Merola feel that it is imperative to step up and offer financial assistance to these talented young opera artists.

Merola has established a new expanded Artists Emergency Fund to aid Merola participants from 2010 through 2014. Seed money has been established for this fund, and we invite you to lend your support for these wonderful young artists by making a contribution to the fund—with 100% of your donation going directly to the young artists.

Help recent Merola Artists continue to make music during the COVID-19 Crisis. Donate online here or contact Merola Executive Director Jean Kellogg at


Merola is aware that many alumni of the Program have suffered financial losses due to coronavirus-related cancellations of contracted performances and auditions. In response, we have set up a fund to help some of you recoup a portion of those losses. Below is a new expanded Artists Emergency Fund grant application form in fillable PDF format to apply for assistance. Only alumni who participated in Merola from 2010 to 2014 and who do not have any other work income available to them are eligible to apply for grants.
If you have questions, please contact Jean Kellogg at; however, please email your application to

Here is what some of our alums had to say when notified of the Merola Artists Emergency Fund:

"I cannot help myself but write back immediately to express my gratitude. To everyone involved, thank you for thinking of us and supporting us especially in a time that Merola will also feel some loss." – Toni Marie Palmertree ('15) - her contract at the Metropolitan Opera was canceled for March/April of 2020.
"What extraordinary news - thank you SO much for this amazing resource. It will make such a huge difference in my life, and in the lives of all recent Merolini." – Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen ('16) - lost two performances and a recording at the Chateau de Versailles in April of 2020.
"I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to be a Merolini. At every turn of my career since being at Merola, you guys have been the most supportive organization. You are amazing."– Mary Evelyn Hangley ('16) - was scheduled to sing Leonora in Pensacola Opera’s production of Il trovatore in March of 2020 which was canceled.
"I am so appreciative for what Merola has done for me and all the other Merola artists. Thank you for providing us with some hope and light in these dark times. I am missing my San Francisco family so much these days. What a wonderful organization and group I get to be a part of. I will be forever grateful." – Ashley Dixon ('15/'17)
"I was truly looking at a bleak situation and with the future so uncertain, this literally changed everything. It allowed me to survive a little while longer while I wait out what appears to be a never ending storm of cancellations. And knowing that no matter how far away I am, you all have my back means the world to me." – Isaac Frishman ('16)
"What Merola is doing is so incredibly kind during this tough time for all. Merola's continued support of its artists is astounding; you are like a big family, and I am so blessed to be a part of it." – Natalie Image ('17)
"Your support means the world to me and I could not be more proud to call Merola my family. The financial support is certainly meaningful and can undoubtedly make differences in young artists’ lives, but what is even more meaningful is knowing we have a support system such as Merola." – Nicholas Roehler ('19)
"Thank you to everyone at Merola for their generous support. I honestly wasn’t expecting this much support and I truly appreciate the help. Thank you for everything you do for us!" – Teresa Castillo ('16)
"I am impressed again and again with how thoughtful, generous, and nurturing the program is to its people! This support will go a very long way to helping me through this crisis, and I'm sure many others too. It wasn't something you had to do, and it makes an incredible difference." – Nicholas Huff ('19)
"Merola has helped me so much since the beginning and even during these crazy times you find a way to help. I’m speechless." – Tuomas Juutilainen ('17)


For more information on how you can support the Merola Artists Emergency Fund, contact:

Jean Kellogg

Executive Director

Merola Artists Emergency Fund Donors

Ms. Karin Albright
Gloria Aliagia
Cesar Vidal Canon Alonso
Roger and Mary Ashley
Ms. Julie Bartholomew
Darla and Richard Bastoni
Frank S. Bayley, III
Missy Bea
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Bean
Mrs. Marcia Benjamin
Mr. Stephen Bertram
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bialek
Adam Arthur Bier and Rachel Bier Lem
Maurice and Mary Sue Bizzarri
Heidi Bosworth
Joanne R. Bourland
Ms. Michele Bowden
Mr. Bruce Bowen and Ms. Junona Jonas
Jennifer and Chris Brahm
Veronica Breuer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Brody
Karen Broido
Mrs. Kathleen M. Brown
Virginia L. Brown
Barbara Bruser and Richard Clark
William Bryan
Karen Burtness Prak and Jan Willem Prak
Mr. Brent Butler and Mr. Kenji Matsuoka
Eugene Celillo
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Cheitlin
Gee Kin Chou and Victoria Fong
Maureen Clarke
Carlyn Clause and Alexander L. Brainerd
Clay and Kim Clement
Janet Cluff
Mr. Michael Colbruno
Rosalind Colver
Ms. Carol Copperud
Mr. Hugh J. Coughlin
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Crain
George and Susan Crow
Drs. John and Lois Crowe
Craig Cruz
Mr. Paul Dana
Dr. Lisa Danzig
Tim Dattels and Kristine Johnson
Peter and Jayne Davis
Debbie Degutis
Carol Dickson
Marian Dolan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Crane Dorfman
Jane Eaglen and Brian Lyson
Roberta and Mark Emerson
Margareta and Staffan Encrantz
Shinji Eshima
Mr. Peter Felleman
Maria Ferrer
Nico Figaro
Mrs. John H. Finger
Mary and Tom Foote
Five Arts Foundation
Joseph and Barbara Fredrick
Frederick Gabali
Mr. John Garfinkle
Ms. Pamela George
Mr. Simon Glinsky
Beatrice and Paul Gomory
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gordon
Robert Gowen
Dr. Kathleen Grant and Dr. Thomas Jackson
Ms. Tracy Grant and Ms. Mélanie Grant
Anne P. Gray
Geoffrey and Marcia Green
Bernice Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Greene
Janet Grossman
Dr. Erich Gruen and Ms. Ann Hasse
Miss Ursula Grunfeld
The Haas Foundation
Mrs. Bronwyn H. Hall
Mr. Larry Hanover
Mr. Fred Hartwick
James Heagy in memory of Janey Heagy
Mary and Craig Henderson
Mr. Daniel Hersh
Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Hetzel
Lauren Hewitt and Dolores McElroy
Peggy Hill
Ian Hinchcliffe and Marjorie Shapiro
Aaron Hoffer
Wilma Horwitz
Mr. David Hugle and Mr. Haggai Niv
Mr. Luther Jackson and Ms. Cecilia Deck
Nancy Berg Jackson
Dan Jepson and Bruce Delagi
Franklin and Catherine Johnson
Ms. Andrea G. Julian
Mr. Michael H. Kalkstein and Ms. Susan English
Suzanne Kaufman
Elsie M. Kelly
Drs. Joan B. and James Kelly
Larry and Jeanne Kelly
The Kenyon-Lipsky Charitable Fund
        at the East Bay Community Foundation
Amy Anderson Kessler and Merle Kessler
Barbara Graham Kreissler
Karen J. Kubin
Ms. JoAnn M. Kulesza
Mr. John Lee
Dr. Jack Leibman
Ms. Lamar Leland
Mark Lewis
Eugenia Loken
Mr. William Lokke
Jack H. Lund Charitable Trust
Eve and Niall Lynch
Jean and Lindsay MacDermid
Emmanuel Manasievici
Kristin Manning
Midge and Shireen Mansouri
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Mardesich
Evelyn Martinez
Andrew and Anne Maverick
Josephine Maxon
Ms. Elaine McKenna
Nancy Meachem
Ms. Edith Mendez
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Michener
Sandra Miller
Erie Mills and Thomas Rescigno
Brenna Moorhead
Cathy and Howard Moreland
Marguerite Munroe
James Neary
Vicky Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Nute
Brian Olson
Opera Standees Association
Mr. Craig Oren
Kimberly Kay Owens
Ms. Mitzi Palmer
Michael Peskin
Ms. Nancy Petrisko
Mr. Duane Phillips
Anna and Frank Pope
Olga and Sergey Rakitchenkov
Alan and Nancy Raznick
Richard Reeder
Mr. William Reeder
Jerry and Gloria Reichhoff,
        in memory of Lucy Carlund
Mr. Glenn H. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Renne
Mike Rolland
Mrs. Barbara J. Ross
Bob and Terri Ryan
Jeannie Sack and Jordan Sachs
San Francisco Opera Guild Marin Chapter
San Francisco Opera Guild Peninsula Chapter
Jack and Betty Schafer
Margot Schevill
Miss Dorothy Schimke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Schroeder
Hanne Schultz
Carol Schwarz
The Seligman Family Foundation
Mr. Steven Shladover
Mr. Stephen Silberstein
Miss Maureen Smith
Sue Sommer
Barbara Sonnenblick
Cherrill Spencer and Rick Leder
        in memory of Stephanie Smith
Dr. David D. Stein and Dr. Phyllis A. Kempner
Blanche Germain Streeter
Ms. Theresa A. Stuart
Heidi Sweet
Aileen Tat
Ms. Susan N. Thibodeaux
Ms. Suzanne Turley
Mr. Cesar Ulloa and Mr. Gary Aliperti
Mr. Stephen Van Meter
Moya and Alyosha Verzhbinsky
Dr. Bradford Wade and Dr. Linda Riebel
John Wallace
Ms. Ching-Yu Wang
Stanley and Elaine S. Weiss
Dr. and Mrs. David Werdegar
Mary Wesseling
Mr. Patrick Wilken and Mr. David Dickson
Ms. Ann L. Williamson
Mrs. Alfred S. Wilsey
Faye Wilson
Betty Woo
Susan York
Christopher Yu
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lee Zeigler
Frank Zepeda
Dennis Zhang
Mr. Paul Ziller
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Zlatchin