Amici di Merola

Amici di Merola

The Amici di Merola ("Merola Friends") are a group of volunteers who are passionate about opera and supporting young artists. The Amici bring energy, generosity, and kindness to the work they do for Merola. We love to find ways to help and encourage the Merola artists, especially during the summer program. 


What we do


Provide assistance to the Merola offices

✺ Pick up the young artists (Merolini) arriving at the airport at the beginning of the Program
✺ Assist the office with clerical projects like preparing mailings to the Merola membership
✺ Provide bag lunches for the young artists
✺ Participate in fundraising
✺ Cover the cost of foreign language textbooks and dictionaries for the Merolini

Provide assistance directly to the Merolini

✺ Do our best to make all Merolini feel at home while they attend the program
✺ Attend Merola performances
✺ Put on picnics for the Merolini and others who work for the program
✺ Financially sponsor individual Merolini
✺ Invite the Merolini to dine with us
✺ Provide transportation for relatives who come to see the shows
✺ Give sightseeing tours
✺ Donate vocal scores
✺ Offer museum passes
✺ Help in other ways as the need arises



Amici members are expected to be active and helpful participants in the events we offer. Members may, alternatively, make donations towards purchasing food for the picnics. We hold organizational meetings at 6 PM on the fourth Tuesday evening of each month from March through October, with other meetings as necessary. If you would like to become part of this enthusiastic group:

Become a Merola Member

Once you are a Merola member, contact Jim Heagy






In addition to the benefits which accompany Merola membership, Amici members keep in touch with former Merolini over many years, visit with them when they return to San Francisco, and travel to opera performances around the world to see Merola alumni perform. By supporting Merola in this way, Amici members ensure the future of the operatic art form.


For more information on Amici di Merola, including membership, contact:

Jim Heagy