Sneak Peak: Schwabacher Summer Concert Program

You can still buy tickets to come and see the Schwabacher Summer Concert — directed by Peter Kazaras and conducted by Robert Wood — on Friday, July 22 at 7:30 pm at the Herbst Theatre. Just go to

Schwabacher Summer Concert 2011 Program:

Don Carlo by Giuseppe Verdi (in Italian)

Don Carlo – Scott Quinn  •  Rodrigo – Guodong Feng  •  A Monk – Joo Won Kang

From Act II, part one
Don Carlo is found praying for peace at the tomb of his grandfather, Emperor Charles V, in the St. Just monastery in Spain. In the background shadows, the mysterious voice of a monk warns against succumbing to worldly vanities. Don Carlo thinks he is hearing the Emperor’s voice and seeing the Emperor’s ghost as he prays. Then Don Carlo meets his friend Rodrigo, Marquis of Posa, who has just returned from Spanish-oppressed Flanders.

When Don Carlo confides that he is still vainly in love with his former betrothed Elisabeth—who was married to his father King Philip instead—Rodrigo urges Don Carlo to fight for the suffering Flemish people. The two men pledge commitment to their friend- ship and to liberty as King Philip and Queen Elisabeth pass to pray at the Emperor’s tomb.

I Capuleti e i Montecchi
by Vincenzo Bellini (in Italian)

Giulietta – Elizabeth Zharoff   •  Romeo – Laura Krumm   •   Lorenzo – Suchan Kim

From Act I
Guilietta and Romeo—despite being from warring families—have secretly fallen in love, but Guilietta’s father Capellio has promised his daughter to Tebaldo. Lorenzo, a doctor, is charged with informing her of this immediately impending marriage. However, Lorenzo alone knows about the romance between Giulietta and Romeo. Romeo has recently arrived in Verona disguised as a messenger to discuss peace—and has suggested to Capellio that his daughter Giulietta should marry Romeo as a sign of reconciliation between the families. Capellio has rejected the offer.

In this scene, Giulietta is upset at the prospect of marrying Tebaldo. Lorenzo calms her and tells her Romeo has managed to enter the city secretly and wants to meet. At their covert meeting, Romeo proposes that they flee together to start a new life but Giulietta will not defy her father—and so she sends Romeo away.

Lucia di Lammermoor
by Gaetano Donizetti (in Italian)

Edgardo – Cooper Nolan  •  Enrico – Joo Won Kang

From Act III, part one
Enrico recently forced his sister Lucia to marry Arturo, despite her love for Edgardo. This scene takes place after the marriage at Lammermoor, where an enraged Edgardo cursed Lucia for betraying their promise.

In this scene, Enrico pays a visit to Edgardo and taunts him with the fact that Lucia and Arturo have just been married. The two men agree to fight a duel by the tombs of the Ravenswoods at dawn the following day.

Don Carlo
by Giuseppe Verdi (in Italian)

Princess Eboli – Deborah Nansteel  •  Don Carlo – Scott Quinn  •  Rodrigo – Guodong Feng

Act 3, opening
Don Carlo has received a letter inviting him to a clandestine meeting at midnight in the queen’s gardens. He believes the meeting is with his beloved Elisabeth, but it is Princess Eboli, who is also in love with him, in the gardens. When Carlo discovers her identity, he rejects her and Eboli swears to expose him after determining that his love is for Elisabeth, who is now married to his father. Rodrigo arrives in time to overhear Eboli and threatens to kill her but is stopped by Carlo.

Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi (in Italian)

Gilda – Xi Wang  •  Duke of Mantua – Cooper Nolan  •  Rigoletto – Joo Won Kang  •  Giovanna – Laura Krumm

From Act II
Rigoletto, the Duke of Mantua’s hunchbacked court jester, is returning home after being accosted by the assassin Sparafucile. Here, Rigoletto contemplates the similarities between himself and the assassin, for Sparafucile kills men with his sword and Rigoletto uses his malicious words to “stab” his victims. Rigoletto arrives home and greets his daughter Gilda, whom he concealed from the Duke and the rest of the city. Once Rigoletto has gone, the Duke appears secretly. He overhears Gilda telling her nurse Giovanna about a student she met at church. Gilda feels guilty for not telling her father about him and confesses that she would love the student even more if he were poor. As Gilda declares her love, the Duke enters. The Duke is overjoyed but Gilda is alarmed and calls for Giovanna, unaware that the Duke has sent the nurse away. Pretending to be a student, the Duke sings to Gilda of love. She asks his name and he calls himself “Gualtier Maldè.” They hear sounds and fearing that Rigoletto has returned home, Gilda sends the Duke away but not before they exchange vows of love. Left alone, Gilda reflects on her love for the Duke, who she believes is a humble student.

Eugene Onegin by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (in Russian)

Tatiana – Marina Boudart Harris  •  Eugene Onegin – Suchan Kim  •  Prince Gremin – Joo Won Kang

From Act III
As a young woman, Tatiana met the worldly Eugene Onegin at her family’s country estate and immediately fell in love with him. After Tatiana expressed her feelings for him in a letter, Onegin told her he could only offer her a brother’s love. Tatiana was heartbroken and deeply embarrassed. Several years later, Onegin recognizes Tatiana at a magnificent ball that is being held at his cousin Prince Gremin’s palace. Onegin is struck by how poised and elegant Tatiana has become but he soon discovers that she is married to Gremin. Suddenly seized by love for Tatiana, Onegin flees the palace.

In Gremin’s town house, Tatiana receives Onegin in answer to an impassioned letter he has written her. Upon seeing her, Onegin falls at her feet but she remains controlled. Now married to a rich and noble man, Tatiana questions Onegin’s intent, asking if he desires her for her position or wishes to bring shame upon her. She recalls the days of her youth when they might have been happy together, but now he can only bring her grief. Onegin pleads for her love and, as he grows more ardent, Tatiana prays for courage. Suddenly she finds her strength and rushes out, leaving Onegin alone and heartbroken.