Merola Donors

The Merola Opera Program is dedicated to the continuing education and training of the finest young operatic talent and the development of this talent into professional opera singers, coaches and stage directors of the highest artistic caliber. Merola operates in close artistic collaboration with San Francisco Opera but is an independent nonprofit organization. Governed by a separate board of directors, Merola is responsible for its own long-term financial stability and fundraising, and is grateful to the hundreds of loyal members, donors and foundations who support the Program.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all donors and acknowledge the following individuals, foundations and corporations for their generous gifts made between October 1, 2012, and May 15, 2013, in support of the Merola Opera Program. For more information about supporting the Merola Opera Program, please contact (415) 565-6427 or e-mail


Donation Amount: $35,000+


Al Garren Fund


San Francisco Opera Association*

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Donation Amount: $20,000 - $34,999


National Endowment for the Arts


Nordin and Donna Blacker
Mrs. A. Barlow Ferguson

John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn
Mike and Rusty Rolland

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Donation Amount: $10,000 - $19,999


The Henry W. and Nettie Robinson

Rusty Rolland and
   the Schick Foundation
Wallis Foundation


Culinary Excellence*


Ms. Eloise Bouye
Barbara K. Jackson
John Lee
Miss Vivienne E. Miller*

Drs. Richard and Pamela Rigg
Ms. Amy Roth and Mr. Robert Epstein
In Memory of Cameron Waterman III

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Donation Amount: $5,000 - $9,999


Fred M. Levin and Nancy Livingston,
    The Shenson Foundation
    in memory of Ben and A. Jess Shenson*

The Ross McKee FoundationMbr />San Francisco Opera Guild
    East Bay Chapter


Anderson & Poole, P.C.*
Red Carpet Bay Area*

Russian Hill*


Darla and Richard Bastoni
Ms. Annette Campbell-White
    and Dr. Ruediger Naumann-Etienne
Tim Dattels and Kristine Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Davis
Mary and Tom Foote
Miss Ursula Grunfeld
James Heagy in memory of Janey Heagy
Mr. Steve Heiman
    and Ms. Diane Sanchez Heiman
Dr. and Mrs. I. Craig Henderson

Ms. Harriet Heyman
   and Mr. Michael Moritz
Norman T. Larson
Ellen and Laura Michelson
Ms. Marie J. Niemann
Mary Stevens Riley
Mr. Gerald B. Rosenstein
Bob and Terri Ryan
Natalie O. Shuttleworth*
Dr. David D. Stein and Dr. Phyllis A. Kempner
Mrs. Anita Weissberg
Susan York

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Donation Amount: $2,000 to $4,999


Walter and Elise Haas Fund
Kia Ora Foundation
Raymond Family Foundation

San Francisco Opera Guild
   Peninsula Chapter
San Jose Opera Guild
Sequoia Trust


Breathless Wines*


Masha Archer*
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Beck
Mrs. Peter H. Black
Ms. Brooke Bourland
Ms. Birgit Chase
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark
Maureen Clarke
Ms. Carlyn Clause
    and Mr. Alexander L. Brainerd
Mr. Michael Colbruno
The Hon. Marie Bertillion Collins    and Mr. Leonard Collins
Mr. Hugh J. Coughlin
Dr. James Tristan Cross
John and Lois Crowe
Mrs. Mary A. Culp
Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. Curry
Dr. Lisa Danzig
Peggy and Reid Dennis
Robert and Linda Dunn
Mr. Richard Elliott *
Ms. Susan English
    and Mr. Michael Kalstein
Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Eschbach
Mr. R. David Freeman
    and Mrs. Virginia Freeman
Mrs. Ronald Gray
Michael Alexander Harrison
    and Susan Graham Harrison
Mrs. Dana T. Horner
Mr. David S. Hugle
Drs. Joan B. and James Kelly
Mr. Randall E. Laroche
   and Mr. David Laudon
Dr. and Mrs. John Lavorgna
Ms. Sylvia R. Lindsey
John and Bernice Lindstrom
Mrs. Edmund W. Littlefield
Jean and Lindsay MacDermid
Dr. Myron Marx
Jo Maxon
Mr. Paul May and Mr. Frank Stein
Patrick McCabe
James R. Meehan

Jennifer and David Miller
Mr. Robert B. Mison
D.G. Mitchell
Cathy and Howard Moreland
Mr. Milton Mosk and Mr. Thomas Foutch
James A. Noe III
Mr. Paul D. Nordine
Ms. Patricia Nottingham
Anna and Frank Pope
Hiroko Prather
Mr. Glenn H. Reid
Robbins/Cullen Family
Mrs. Barbara J. Ross
Elli and Joe Sax
Miss Dorothy Schimke
Ruth A. Short
Dr. J. H. Silveira
Ms. Molly Starr
Ms. Blanche Germain Streeter
Robert and Lynn Sullivan
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome D. Swalen
Ms. Suzanne Turley
Bruce and Fran Walker
Mrs. Carol A. Weitz*
Mr. Patrick Wilken
Mrs. Alfred Wilsey
Ms. Faye Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Zderic
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lee Zeigler
Stephen and Connie Zilles

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Donation Amount: $1,000 to $1,999


Joyce and William Brantman Foundation

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


elizabethW San Francisco*
First Repbulic Bank
Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco*

Frank Ancona*
San Francisco Zoological Society*
VGS Chateau Potelle Winery*


Nina K. Auerbach, MD
Helen Berggruen
Maurice and Mary Sue Bizzarri
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin C. Britton
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Burkhard
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dean
Miss Gloria DeHart
Keith Doerge
Ms. Christine Doyle
    and Mr. Michael Yessik
Donna Dubinsky and Mr. Len Shustek
Frank Ellsworth
Mr. Peter Felleman
Ms. Pamela George
Anne P. Gray
Bruce and Inta Hasenkamp
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hobson
Ms. Susan Hone
Greer and Thayer Hopkins
Mr. Robert Jacoby
Franklin and Catherine Johnson
Mrs. Jeannie Kaufman
Mr. Robert Kavanaugh
   and Ms. Dale Robards
Dr. Marion R. Kramer

Mr. Lorrin G. Kroska
Ms. Mary Lewis
Mrs. Nancy Donnell Lilly
Eve and Niall Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. J. Patterson McBaine
Mr. Stanley Michael and Mr. John Churchwell
Mrs. Pamela Murdock
David and Marilyn Nasatir
Mr. Haggai Niv
Robert and Carol Parvin
Ms. Susan K. Prather
Mrs. Edward W. Rosston
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schafer
Mr. Martin Schoell
Ms. Elena Servi
Mr. Martin Schoell
Dr. and Mrs. Jon F. Sigurdson
Dr. and Mrs. W. Conrad Sweeting
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Weeman, Jr.
Ms. Shirley Woo
    and Mr. David Rosenfeld

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Donation Amount: $500 to $999


Boulevard Restaurant*
First Republic Bank*
Fort Worth Opera*
Modern Sailing School and Club**

Mondavi Center
Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa*
San Diego Opera*
San Francisco Performances


Ms. Dolores M. Allen
Ms. Jane Annan Allen
Cantor Roslyn Barak
Mr. Frank S. Bayley III
Mr. David V. Beery
    and Norman Abramson
Sarah Billinghurst*
Paul and Kathy Bissinger
Robert E. Brown and Agnes Chen Brown
Mr. and Ms. Bob Burdick
Rike and Klaus Burmeister
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cabak
Mr. Robert Cook and Ms. Blanca Haendler
Ms. Delia Ehrlich
Mr. Robert A. Ellis
    and Ms. Jane W. Bernstein
Loretta Emerzian
Mr. Warren Felson and Ms. Lucy Sun
K.E. Freeman
Mrs. William M. Friede
Mr. and Mrs. A. Gherardi
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gomory*
Ms. Mary Ann Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Mervyn Hetzel

Mr. Thomas F. Holt
Wilma Horwitz
Elizabeth Hotchkin
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Janssen
Mr. Bruce Jenett and Ms. Nola Masterson*
Ms. Andrea G. Julian
Ms. Emily Kenyon
Ms. Eiko Kikawada
Ms. Marcia Kimes
Miss Helen Kutin
Ms. Anne Lerch
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Lilienthal
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCabe
Ms. Janet McLeod
Ms. Ada Mei
Mr. Peter J. Musto
Dr. and Mrs. Hans Orup
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Renne
Mr. Richard L. Rockwell
Mr. Ronald V. Rosequist
Mr. Steven Shladover
Mr. and Mrs. David Sloss
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sonnenblick

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Donation Amount: $250 to $499


American Bach Soloists*
Bespoke Collection*
Clos Pegase Winery*
Dutch Henry Winery*
Ghiradelli Chocolate*
Houston Grand Opera*
Ledgewood Creek Winery*

Opera Colorado*
San Francisco Ballet*
San Francisco Symphony*
Sea Ranch Lodge*
SMuin Ballet*
The Santa Fe Opera*


Ms. Karen Ames and Lawrence Ames
Mr. David N. Barnard
Amii and Michael Barnard-Bahn
Mrs. Clare-Louise Bates
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Bean
Miss Carol Benz
Dr. Phyllis Blair
Ms. Linda Blondis
Joanne R. Bourland
Ms. Karen Breslin
Mr. Barry C. Brooker
Virginia L. Brown
Mr. Donald Buhman
    and Mr. Wray Humphrey
Dr. Lisa Capaldini
Agnes I. Chan
Richard J. Cohen*
Mrs. Warren Coughlin
Barrett and Muriel Crawford
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Cross
George and Susan Crow
Mr. Gerald F. Currier
    and Mr. Cleveland M. Smith
Peggy and Reid Dennis
Mrs. Anita C. Eble
Mr. Daniel Elias
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fleischman
Ms. Ceseli Foster< br />
Mr. Steven Franceschi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Friedman
Mrs. Stanley M. Friedman
Ms. Pamela George
Mr. Philip Goward
Ms. Tracy Grant
Marica and Geoffrey Green
Ms. Ellen Grinnell
Mr. Arnold Grossman
Ms. Theresa Hallinan
Mr. and MRs. Rod Handeland
Miss Donna E. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Henricks
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Houck
Mr. Robert Jacoby
Ronald T. Hughes
Frank Kelly

Dr. Robert and Christine Kradjian
Herbert and Barbara Graham Kreissler
Ms. Kathe Lange
Mr. Hollis Lenderking
Mr. Marcia Leonhardt
Mr. Roy Levin and Ms. Jan Thomson
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Levinson
Mrs. Norman Licht and Helen Ann Licht
Ms. Diana Lum and Mr. Dave Gomberg
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Mardesich
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Marineau
Chris McCrum
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. McKaskle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McNulty
Mrs. Ralph H. Miller
Mr. Christian Mills
Patricia Mitchell
Ms. Karen Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Tony Nespole
Marie Louise Otto
Reverend Neal Ponder Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie Post
Hiroko Prather
Mrs. Jane Randolph
Mrs. James Ream
Ms. Danielle Rebischung
Mr. and Mrs. David Rinaldo
Ms. Kathleen Rydar
Mr. Paul Sagues
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Samzelius
Miss Dorothy Schimke
Mr. Sean SeLegue and Mr. Richard A. Zuniga
Ms. Carolyn Shaw
Ms. Harriet Simpson
Mr. Alan Smith and Dr. Helen Lew
Ms. Elizabeth Smith
Ms. Anne Stone
Elliot and Alice Swanson
Mrs. Laurence M. Symmes
Mrs. Violet Taaffe
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Taylor
Dr. Sam Thal
Raymond and Deborah Tonella
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Paul Trelaun
Mr. Hugh C. Trutton
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Uchimura
Emmanuel Uren
James and Leslys Vedder
Dough Von Qualen
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weissman
Mrs. Ann L. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Victor
Dr. Ronald Wing
Ms. Bonnie Woodworth
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Worn
Dr. and Mrs. James Zehnder
Sondra Zentner
Ms. Anne Zucchi

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Donation Amount: $175 to $249


Benzinger Family Winery*
Chicago Opera Theater*

Music at Meyer*
San Francisco Ballet*
San Francisco Symphony*
The Santa Fe Opera*
Sea Ranch Lodge*


Mr. Gerald W. Anderson and Ms. Sandra Fiske
Mr. and Mrs. Leland G. Anderson
Mrs. Kirklin Ashley
Ms. Anna M. Bagniewska
Paulo S. Bernardino
Adam Arthur Bier
Mr. Bruce Bowen and Ms. Junona Jonas
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Broido
Ms. Gina Cariaga and Mr. Michael Barden
Ms. Claudine Cheng
Ms. Roberta Coleman
Ms. Diane Daniels and Mr. Leonard Heil
Mr. Robert H. Enslow
Ms. Cheryl Fippen
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo S. Fowler
Ann and Daniel Girard
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gomory
Ms. Tracy Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Handeland
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Heller
Ms. Wendy Hillhouse
Dr. Ralf D. Holt
David Houser
Brice Cutrer Jones*
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Kath
Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Kocienski
Ms. Rose Lavandero
Dr. Jack Leibman

Miss Janice C. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lin
Ms. Nora Lindahl
Angela C. Little
Ms. Vera M. Long
Ms. Diana Lum and Mr. Dave Gomberg
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mezey
Mr. Charles Miller
Susan S. Monjauze
Anne and Phil Murphy
Ms. Nancy Nee
Me. E. O'Hara
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Petterson
Ms. Paula Petti
Reverend Neil Ponder
Mr. Bruce E. Rameker
Mr. and Mrs. Merv Rasmussen
Mrs. James Ream
John and Susan Richmond
Mr. James Ross
Mr. Richard Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Rosso
Ms. Diane Sanchez
Mr. Hiram Simon
Ms. Terri Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Taylor
Mr. Edward Vanegri
Mr. Brendan Wallace
Mrs. Barbara Wanvig
Mr. Robert Wertsch
Ms. Ann L. Williamson
Mr. Peter Winkelstein
Hon. Roy L. Wonder and Mrs. Barbara M. Ward
Miss Gloria C. Yee
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Zlatchin

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Donation Amount: $75 to $174


Amici Di Merola
The Kerry Lobel and Marta Drury Fund of the Horizons Foundation


Absinthe Brasserie and Bar*
Advance Physical Therapy
Aurora Theatre Company*
Beach Blanket Babylon*
Berkeley Repertory Theatre*
Lamplighters Music Theatre*

National Museum of Women in the Arts*
Napa Valley Opera House*
Opera Santa Barbara*
Peju Province Winery*
Perbacco Ristorante*
Portland Opera*
San Scala's Bistro*


Ms. Barbara Adams
Ms. Gertrud Albert
Drs. Paul and Geraldine Alpert
Ms. Sylvia Alpert
Ms. Liya Anosova
Anne N. Baldwin
Mr. Igor Barani
Mr. Marc Barberis
Mr. Peter Barchuk
Paul and Linda Baumann
Elizabeth B. Baxter
Ms. Maureen Bennett
Prof. Raymond J. Berard
Mr. Alvin Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bernstein
Ms. Marian N. Bernstein
Mr. Steven Binder
   and Ms. Barbara Anscher
John and Lu Bingham
Ms. Linda Blondis
Mr. Noel T. Blos
Ms. Gun Bolin
Dr. Victor Bonfilio
Ms. Jeannette Boudreau
Lois Brainard
Thomas Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Brody
Ms. Kathleen M. Brown
Ms. Alicyn Campbell
Dr. James Marvin Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Cape
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Carson
Col. and Mrs. Bruce Carswell
Mr. Robert Champlain
Ms. Janet Chiang
Ms. Stella O. Ching
Raymond and Minnie Chinn
Mr. William Chinowsky
Ms. Barbara A. Christman
Mr. Willard G. Clark
Mrs. Joseph R. Clyne
Mr. Martin Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cooper
Ms. Carol Copperud
Ms. Elaine Costello
    and Mr. Warren Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. James Court
Ms. Phoebe Cowles
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crane
Dr. Clifford Cranna
Mr. Copley E. Crosby
   and Ms. Marianne A. Welmers
David Dall
Bob and Norma Dallachie
Ms. Daria D'Andrea
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davidson
Ms. Francine Davis
Helen and Raleigh Davis
Mr. Robert W. Davis
Ira D. Dearing
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. E. Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Drees
Miss Jean Ebbighausen
Mr. Dan Eistenstein
Donna Ellis
Robert and Mar Emerson
Mr. and Mrs. George Erdi
Ms. Frances Escobar-Hosoya
Ms. Maja N. Fara
Ms. Zonia Fasquelle
Ms. Ruth Felt
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Fenwick
Ms. Pamela D. Ferris
Ms. Christel Fliss
Mr. and Mrs. Giovanni J. Ford
Jon W. and Ellen V. Florey
Ms. Nicolle Foland
Ms. Alison C. Fuller
Dr. Frederick Gabali
Mr. and Mrs. Thom Gamble
Ms. Amy Garant
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Geist
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gerlach, Jr.
Mr. George Gilbert
Mr. John Gildersleeve
Ms. Joan Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gleason
Dr. Steven Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gordon
Ms. Joan R. Goslow
Ms. Mary Louise Green
Mr. George Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. George Gurrola
Ms. Sara Haber
Mrs. Bronwyn H. Hall
Ms. Barbara E. Harms
Ms. Julie Harris
Mr. Winchell T. Hayward
Cheree F. Hethershaw
Mr. Thomas Hibdon
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Palmer Hotz
Mrs. B. J. Hoyt
Mrs. Henry P. Huff III
Ms. Loisann Jacovitz
Mr. Cliff Jarrard
Ms. Roberta Jeffrey
Ms. Ashmani Jha
Mr. Libin Jia and Ms. Mingran Ma
Ms. Samira Parekh Jones
Ms. Amy Kellman
Mrs. Celia Kelly
Dr. Andrew Kives and Ms. Joyce Abrams
Mr. Anthony Kivlen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Klier
Miss Patricia Kline
Ms. Judith Koch

Ms. Nancy Kraus
Herbert and Barbara Graham Kreissler
Ms. Sarah Krumm and Tim Krumm
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt F. Kubatz
Ms. Pamela Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lachman
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Lake
Judith A. Lamberti
Ms. Bette Landis
Mr. Robert Lane
Mr. Steven Langer
Mr. Colin Larson
Ms. Marit Lash
Mr. Richard Ledon
Mr. and Mrs. David Lefkowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Leichum
Dr. and Mrs. William Leider
Ms. Myra K. Levenson
Mr. Aren Lijphart and Ms. Gisela Meyers
Ms. Donna Lim
Mr. Fred Little
Stella S. Liu
Mr. Nathaniel Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lorton Jr.
Mr. Alan Lubliner
Ms. Irena Lusnyakyan
Miss Dorothea R. Lyman
Ms. Linda J. Magarian
Ms. Marlene Mann
Mr. Anthony Manoli
Ms. Marian Marsh
Ms. Lucia Matzger
Wiliam T. McCraw and Janet Muscio
Mr. Donald L. McGee
Ms. Elaine McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Jay McNamara
Mr. Steven Mendoza
Ms. Laura Mercier
Holly and Craig Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mihm
Ms. Cosette P. Mitchell
Ms. Thelma Morris
Mr. Albert L. Mosher
Mr. Wallace A. Myers
Mr. Ed Nakatla
Hilda Namm
Ms. Sarah Nathe
Mr. Erik Newton
Edward G. Noble

Ms. Kate Noerr
Ms. Marietta Nunez
Mr. and Mrs. Tim O'Leary
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Oliver
Mr. Petr Olmer
Mr. Donald Olson
Mr. Jerry Orecchia
Brenda Osborne
Ms. Judith Ostapik
Ms. Mitzi Palmer
Ms. Verna Parino
Mr. Tito Patri and Mrs. Bobby Reich-Patri
Mr. Bob Patterson
Miss Donna Jean Petersen
Ms. Dagnija Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. T. Jeffrey Plonowski
Ms. Karen Burtness Prak
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Preiner
Mr. and Mrs. John Priest
Ms. Harriet Meyer Quarre
Ms. Carol Price Rabin
Ms. Bev Ragovoy
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ralston
Mr. Brian Ramsey
Ms. Danielle Rebischung
Mr. Robert Ripps
Mrs. Adrian G. Robertson
Mr. Ronald Rogness
The Rosenberg-Wohl Family
Ms. Joan Rost
Elisabeth Z. Rothenberger
Sidney M. Russell
Kenneth Ruta
Mr. Norman D. Ryan
Mr. Charles Schug
Mr. and Mrs. John Self
Margaret V. Sheehan
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Slayen
Ms. Joan Smith
Mr. Nigel Smith
Ms. Gwqen Sobolewski
Consul General Jitu Somaya
Mr. Anthony C. Stagliano
Mr. Gerald L. Steichen
Susie and Britt Stitt
Mr. Ian E. Stockdale
Mrs. Jon Swedlow
Mr. James Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Switzer
Ms. Rosemary Tisch
Mr. Steve Tokar and Ms. Beth Katz
Miss Carol Tomlinson
Ms. Isabelle Toms
Raymond and Deborah Tonella
Ms. Roseanna Torretto
Carleen S. Trares
Mr. and Mrs. John Troster
Mr. Cesar Ulloa
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Nest
Mr. Gerard Verdi
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Voltmer
Mrs. Julia Wall
Ms. Jane Wallace
Ms. Suzette Wallace
Miss Beth Warren
Ms. Rosalie V. Weaver
Ms. Evelyn Wegienka
Mrs. Elaine Solbach Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weissman
Dr. and Mrs. David Werdgar
Mr. Donald Whitton
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wittwer
Steve and Peggy Woehleke
Mrs. J. Paul Woollomes
Ms. Emily Young
Ms. Mary C. Young

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Donation Amount: $1 to $74


Deschutes Brewery*
hope & grace winery*
Langtry Estate & Vineyards*

V. Sattui Winery*
The The Wine Check*


Ms. Joan Adler
Ms. Dolores Ali
Ms. Erica Ankuda
Ms. Cheryl Arnold and Mr. John Frykman
Bill Beahrs
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beidleman
Mr. Edgar A. Benhard
Mrs. Thelma Benjamin
Ms. Denise Bradley
Veronica Breuer
Mrs. Mary Bruno
Ms. Delma Campbell
Ms. Ethel Chang
D. Ch'an-Moriwaki
Miss Joyce K. H. Chow
Rosalind Colver
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Corbin
Mrs. Chwinn Cosgrove
Ms. Olivia Cosio
Mr. Kevin Cox
Carol Dickson
Dr. William R. Dorrance
Neil and Barbara Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Weczeslaw Elsner
Ms. Katharine Emory
Ms. Carolyn Fallon
Mrs. John H. Finger
Joseph and Barbara Fredrick
Denise A. Freinkel
Mr. Louis B. Gagliardi
Drs. Eric and Paula Gillett
Ms. Sarah Glaubman
Stuart M. Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Greene
P. L. Hagarty
Mr. Jack Halpern
Ms. Mary Harden
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Harvey
Ms. Marion Hazzard
Ms. Judy Heggie
Mr. Randall Heilbrunn
Mr. Oakley Hewitt and Ms. Alice Morison
Mr. Barry D. Hovis
Ms. Margaret C. Hutchins

Mr. and Mrs. Clint Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson
Ms. Ingrid Kallman
Ms. Cecilia Khoo
Mrs. Richard Kirby
Ms. Ludmila Kisseleva-Eggleton
   and Mr. Peter Eggleton
Ms. Joan T. Knowles
Ms. Bessie Koplos
Joan Shelbourne Kwansa
George A. Lazar
Mr. Donald W. Leonard
Ms. Kendra Livingston
Ms. Mary Joaquina Martins
Mrs. Charlotte McMinn
Ms. Amy Meyer
Ms. Virginia Molinari
Mr. Howard R. Neckel
Mary Ann Notz
Darold Petty
Mr. Herbert C. Ploch
L. T. Prescott
Mr. Samuel Ramey
Mr. Richard Riffer
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Rosenberg
Gail I. Rubman
Ms. Cathy Rucker
Elizabeth Rupp
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Sachs
Margot Schevill
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Schoenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur L. Schultz
Ms. L. Christine Selle
Mr. Nichol Sepank
Mr. Lawrence T. Severino
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Skylor
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Smith
Richard L. Sogg MD
Mr. Richard A. Sonnenshein
Ms. Heather Spiro
Ms. Miriam Spongberg
Ms. Judith M. Stanley
Mr. John W. Stark
Ms. Lenore Steiner
    and Mr. George A. Mealy
Mr. P.A. Sturrock
Mr. Rufus Thayer
Ms. Sara Van Dyke
Mr. Albert J. Vizinho
Ms. Estelle Weintraub
Steve and Pat West
Ms. Carol Wexelbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Deloss M. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. E. William Yund
Mr. Kevin Yu
Mr. and Mrs. E. William Yund
Trudy Zimmerman

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* full or partial in-kind donation

Special Thanks

Mark Adamo
Hadleigh Adams
Amici di Merola
Lisa Anderson
Nordin and Donna Blacker
William Burden
Timothy Cheung
John Churchwell
Marie and Leonard Collins
Jose Maria Condemi
Dr. Clifford Cranna
Roy and Helga Curry
Donald Eastman
Nikki Einfeld
Casey Finnigan
R. David and Virginia Freeman
Ann and Gordon Getty
Tracy Grant
Sheri Greenawald
Robin Guarino
Bryndon Hassman
James Heagy
Craig and Mary Henderson
David S. Hugle
Martin Katz
Peter Kazaras
Drs. Joan and James Kelly
Daniela Mack
Lucas Meachem
Robert Mollicone
Mark Morash
Thomas L. Morton and Anne E. Morton
Margie and Kerry Murphy,
    DuMOL Winery
James A. Noe III
Dr. Sarah Kelly Oehler
Pene Pati

Nancy Quinn and Tom Driscoll
Renee Rapier
San Francisco Opera
    Electronic Media Depatment
San Francisco Opera's
    Stage Management Team
Issachah Savage
Neil Shicoff
Alek Shrader
Philippe Sly
Robert Watson
Patrick Wilken and David Dickson
Peter Winkelstein
Susan York
Dolora Zajick

Corporate Matching Gift Donors

Adobe Systems Incorporated
American Express Gift Matching Program
AT&T Foundation
BankAmerica Foundation
Chevron U.S.A., Inc.
Computer Associates International
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
IBM Foundation
JK Group Trustees for Visa International's
    Employee Giving Campaign

McKesson Corporation
Millipore Corporation
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Time Warner Matching Grants Program
Union Bank of California

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Merola Legacy Society

The Merola Legacy Society honors those who have included Merola Opera Program in their will, trust or other estate plans. For more information on how you can support Merola Opera Program through your estate planning, please call (415) 565-6427.

Mrs. Barbara Adams
Mrs. John Anderton
Mrs. Marjorie Appleton
Ms. Wilma Avery
Kathleen H. Barr
Ms. Nina Beckwith
Mr. Andrew J. Bellotti
Ms. Eloise Bouye
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bowen
In Memory of George (Troy) Browman
    and his Living Partner J. Gerald Gagnon
Mr. Allen Chamness
Mr. Russell P. Chappell
Ms. Donna Chazen
Ms. Carlyn Clause and Mr. Alexander Brainerd
Michael Colbruno
Mrs. Charles Cornman
Mr. Gerald F. Currier
nbsp;   and Mr. Cleveland M. Smith
Mrs. Lonny J. Darwin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Davis
Mrs. Thelma Dry
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dwelly
Mr. Robert F. Ewing
    and Mr. Cesar L. De Joya, Jr.
Mario Fracchia
Mrs. William M. Friede
Ms. Magda Gabali
Mr. Louis B. Gagliardi
Mrs. Rolf Gille
Tracy Grant
Miss Doris Grau
Miss Ursula Grunfeld
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Gurley
James Heagy in memory of Janey Heagy
Tom Houran and Bill Medigovich
Mr. David S. Hugle
Barbara K. Jackson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Jacobs
Ms. Dagmar L. Jamison
Ms. Joanie Juster
Dr. Lilli Kalis
Mr. Louis A. Koffman
Mrs. Barbara F. Kral
   and Barbara Graham Kreissler

Ms. Joan Shelbourne Kwansa
Mr. Frank S. Lanier
Ms. Mary Lewis
Bernice Gucker Lindstrom
Ms. Norrine L. Marchegiani-Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Mardesich
Ms. Denise E. Mauldin
Ms. Christine Miller
Miss Vivienne E. Miller
D. G. Mitchell
Ms. Thelma Morris
Mr. Albert L. Mosher
Mr. Milton Mosk
   and Mr. Thomas Foutch
Mr. Carroll J. Newbanks
Ms. Marie J. Niemann
Mr. Haggai Niv
Mr. Carl Noelke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. O'Hanlon
Ms. Brenda Osborne
Ms. Sheldeen G. Osborne
   and Mr. Steven E. Tirrell
Doris I. Panzer
Ms. Verna Parino
Robert and Carol Parvin
Mrs. Herbert Jan Popper
Mr. Robert Robertson
Mike and Rusty Rolland
Mr. Gerald Rosenstein
Ms. Louise A. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. John Ryckman
Jeannie Sack
Ms. Marilyn G. Seiberling
Ms. Dorothy N. Shaw
Ms. Jean A. Sherlin
Natalie O. Shuttleworth
Mr. and Mrs. David Sloss
Ms. Sue Sommer
Ms. Nancy Soper
Dr. David D. Stein
    and Dr. Phyllis A. Kempner
Dr. Sam Thal
Miss Carol Tomlinson
Ms. Betty Toy
Mr. Hugh C. Trutton
James S. and Gayle G. Tunnell
Ms. Suzanne Turley
Shirley Wilson Victor
Mr. Albert J. Vizinho
Ms. Gladys Wagman
Mrs. Barbara Wanvig
Ms. Ann L. Williamson
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Zderic

The Merola Opera Program honors the memory of the following friends who have provided a legacy of support through their bequests and other planned gifts this year.

Ms. Marjorie A. Appleton
Mr. Andrew J. Bellotti
Mrs. Marion Zimmer Bradley
Mr. Donald F. Casey

Mrs. Lonny J. Darwin

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Merola Opera Program wishes to express its sincere appreciation to all donors who have made memorial and honorary donations between October 1, 2012, and May 15, 2013

In Memory Of

Andrew J. Bellotti
Robert D. Burns
Zheng Cao
Kriakou Louis Christopher
Mrs. Lonny J. Darwin
Robert L. Dunn
Carmen Fraetis
Bob Hawes
Janey Heagy
Theano Johnson
Edmund M. Kaufman
Dr. Charles Keyes

Henry W. Robinson and Nettie Robinson
Mr. James H. Schwabacher
Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson
Dorothy and Alfred Tomlinson
Cameron Waterman III

In Honor Of

Amici di Merola
Chris Bragg
Agnes Chen
Mrs. A. Barlow Ferguson
Susan Hone
Barbara K. Jackson
Marcia Leonhardt
Silvia Lin

Miss Vivienne E. Miller
Mr. Robert B. Mison
Pamela Murdock
Barbara Ross
Mary and Paul Slawson
Patrick Summers
Turkish Opera Singers
Suzanne Turley

Merola Opera Program Endowment
The Merola Opera Program acknowledges with thanks those groups and individuals who have established or support the following endowment funds, which provide lasting tributes and generate continual support for developing the artists of the future.

Kurt Herbert Adler -
    Merola Endowment Fund
Amici di Merola Fund
Barab Family Trust Fund
Dr. Leland Barber
   & Gladys K. Barber Endowment Fund
The Anthony I. Balestrieri Endowment Fund
Richard F. Bartlett Memorial Fund
Jean E. Bennett, Jr. Fund
The Sidney & Phyllis Blair Fund
John S. Brooks Memorial Fund
Florence Bruce Fund
Bruser Family Fund
Carlton F. Bryan Fund
Betty Cable Fund
Zheng Cao Opera Fund
Mai G. Coggin Endowment Fund
Cooper Endowment Fund
Reid & Peggy Dennis Endowment Fund
Grace A. Diem
   & Alice E. Siemons Endowment Fund
In Memory of Jean Donnell Fund
Querita Eybel Endowment Fund
Mr. & Mrs. A. Barlow Ferguson Endowment Fund
I. P. Patrick Gallagher Fund
Nicholas & Mary Ann Gannam Endowment Fund
L. Henry Garland Memorial Fund
Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund
Donna Lee Grassman Memorial Fund
Gary Griffith Memorial Endowment Fund
Gropper Memorial Fund
Anneliese Gruenberg-Bremer Fund
Otto Guth Fund
Mark Haffner Apprentice Coach Fund
In Memory of James T. Heavey Fund
Elaine Henderson Endowment Fund

Heritage Fund
Vija Hovgard Endowment Fund
David S. Hugle
    and Haggai Niv Endowment Fund
The Jacobs Family Trust
Grace & Mildred Johnson
    Endowment Fund
In Memory of Peter G. Kavantjas Endowment Fund
Donald Wayne Kennedy Fund
Leona Gordon Lowin Memorial Fund
Jock H. Lund Charitable Trust Fund
Meltzer Family Memorial Fund
Merola Members Endowment Fund
Albert L. Mosher & John E. McCormick
    AIDS Memorial Fund
Oreste J. di Muro Endowment Fund
The Bernard Osher Foundation
    Career Grant Endowment
Mary A. Powell Career Grant Fund
In Honor of Leontyne Price
   Endowment Fund
Charles Rolle, M.D. Endowment Fund
Marie Louise Rosenberg Memorial Endowment Fund
Gerald B. Rosenstein Fund
Schick Memorial Fund
Eve & Henry Schlesinger Fund
The Shenson Family Fund
Claudia Stoop Memorial Fund
Blanche Thebom Trust Fund
Dickson Titus III Fund
Alma Brooks Walker Memorial Fund
Frank W. & Matilda O. Weymouth
    Living Trust Fund
James L. Wilson Trust Endowment Fund
In Memory of Patricia Yakutis Endowment Fund
Alma Cella Yoder Trust
Estate of Mr. William Zoller

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Merola Opera Program Career Grants

Merola Opera Program gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have provided special support to our young artists.

  • Dr. Phyllis B. Blair Career Grant–Drs. Sidney & Phyllis Blair Fund
  • Florence Bruce Career Grant–Mrs. Starr Bruce Endowment Fund
  • Jean Donnell Memorial Career Grant–In Memory of Jean Donnell Fund
  • Richard & Rhoda Goldman Career Grant–Mr. Richard N. Goldman Fund
  • Gropper Memorial Career Grant–Alfred Fromm & Otto E. Meyer, in Memory of Dr. Angel Gropper
  • E. A. Haggerty Memorial Career Grant–Larry L. Hillblom Foundation
  • David S. Hugle Career Grant–Mr. David S. Hugle
  • Peter G. Kavantjas Career Grant–In memory of Peter G. Kavantjas Endowment Fund
  • Li Foundation Career Grant–Li Foundation Scholarship Fund for Chinese Singers
  • Merola Alumni Career Grant–Merola Opera Program Alumni
  • Albert L. Mosher & John E. McCormick AIDS Memorial Career Grant–Albert L. Mosher & John E. McCormick AIDS Memorial Fund
  • The Bernard Osher Foundation Career Grant–The Bernard Osher Foundation
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bernhardt Poetz Memorial Career Grant–A Friend of Merola
  • Mary A. Powell Career Grant–Mary A. Powell Fund
  • Schick Memorial Career Grant–Schick Memorial Fund
  • Schwabacher Family Career Grant–Mr. James H. Schwabacher
  • Fred M. Levin and Nancy Livingston, The Shenson Foundation in memory of Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson
  • Richard Strauss Opera Career Grant–G. William Jewell, in memory of Mr. Robert C. Silvering
  • Dickson Titus III Career Grant–Dickson Titus III Fund

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